Quality & Safety

Reliable, Functional and Fast

We have been developing high-quality iPhone and iPad chargers for five years and we are very good at it. We take pride in delivering a superior product, backed up with an industry leading guarantee and customer service.

Quality Testing

Our chargers are optimised to help your business grow and designed and tested for real life. We do this by removing a number of samples from each production to ensure they meet our strict requirements.

With a motto of "drop it, bake it, chill it," the selected samples undergo various tests before being run on a full charging cycle to ensure they are still operating at full capacity. Some of these sample chargers are selected for a high drop test — to be dropped from 1.4 metres onto a hard surface. Other sample chargers are tested to simulate multiple smaller drops, where they are each dropped at least 100 times from 70cm. Further samples are tested in extreme environments, with some run with the temperature raised to 54C while others are run at 3C. 

Final Products

The above tests are run on selected sample products, not the chargers provided to you. Once the sample tests are successfully completed, we run the final chargers you receive through individual charging cycles, where we closely monitor the charging output and temperatures to ensure each charger meets our exhaustive quality standards.  

Satisfaction Guaranteed

In the rare event that even after all of this, you experience any issues with your charger, we offer a free returns and replacement service. Please give us a call on 020 3740 5060 if you have any questions at all — we're happy to help.